RAPTORXOTICS is a family run business, aimed at providing top level educational visits & displays with birds of prey & exotic animals.

We are NOT a franchise; Dave is the most passionate, Knowledgeable and fun animal educator you could book!



Teachers use relevant life experiences to inspire pupils and make learning interesting. For example, in Year 1, a visit from Dave the owl man and his owls meant that pupils enthusiastically organised their knowledge about owls into different categories, such as diet and appearance, in preparation for writing a book about owls.



Inspire your pupils SATS writing- Our 'nocturnal animals' talks are second to none & whilst this topic has been dropped from SATS it is still a super topic to fire up some fantastic work from your young pupils, with our large array of wonderful and weird nocturnal creatures!





We specialise in bringing various trained birds of prey & exotic creatures into the school environment, where we are able to give informative, factual & interesting talks. The BIG plus from an educational point of view is that the children will not be bored during our visit. These talks are very interactive with the children, both verbally and physically! There WILL be birds of prey flying around the school hall !

 It's not just the birds themselves, we also bring along other educational 'props' be it feathers, dissected owl pellets, and often a tame Rat- to discuss prey of birds of prey! (don't worry- we keep him away from the birds!)


Our exotic creatures are all hand picked for their ability to cover such topics as Rainforests, Nocturnal and Mini-Beasts etc


The emphasis is on the children to take part directly- not only touching and handling the exotic creatures, but  also asking and answering lots of questions.

 From Barn Owl to Golden Eagle, Snakes to hedgehogs - Our team of animals enables us to cover a wide topic base,.

 My Unique selling point is my talking style aimed at the age group concerened, meaning that from pre-school age onwards all the pupils will have fun and learn. (encompassing all key-stages within the curriculum).


Favourite subjects seem to be: 'nocturnal animals','amazing animals', 'owls', 'birds of prey', 'mini-beasts', 'Harry Potters' Animals', 'Predators', 'Rainforests' & 'woodlands'.

Please click on the individual topic buttons on the left, for more details (as we add more pages to this site)


Our visits are not a repetitive 'recital' they can be tailored to your specific needs.


A copy of our full insurance and risk assessment is available upon request.


PRICE STRUCTURE: 1 session of about an hour £165, 2x sessions £295, 3x sessions £340 (IF completed in a morning),4x sessions upto all day workshops £550,


Above prices are local and are subject to motoring costs further afield, we travel almost country wide so simply email for an exact price.


London/within the M25

I have sadly heavily reduced my trips to London; please email your enquiry with school postcode and I will assess on an individual basis


The all day workshops are great for covering the smaller exotic creatures on a class by class basis; for multi-form entry or even across year  groups.



PRE-SCHOOL VISITS: We also visit pre-schools and offer a simplified and shorter talk per group.