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Our MINI-BEAST (or more correctly - invertebrate) talk is one of my favourites! 

 The children will get to meet a huge variety of creatures close up, not just a close up view, but plenty of touching too!


We will meet invertebrates from many families, including various:

  • Insects- giant stick insects, hissing cockroaches, tropical beetles and praying mantis etc,
  • Arachnids- Tarantulas, scorpions and false whip scorpions etc, other
  • Arthropods such as giant millipedes.



Also on the team, will be one or two vertebrates that prey on these invertebrates, such as an owl, toad or Hedgehog, thus enriching the talk still further.



The mini-beast talk covers various key points such as life-cycles,habitat,habits,diet,senses,theirdefences,appearance,pollination and classification (what is an invertebrate?)



This talk is aimed at a class by class basis, I want the children to get the opportunity to spend time studying and touching these creatures, therefore the talk doesn't serve its purpose with larger group numbers. 30 pupils is about the maximum.



As always this talk can be tailored to suit your specific needs, just tell me your exact requirements.



Looking for an easy to keep invertebrate for your class pet? I'm sure I could donate your class a youngster or two from our breeding stock ! Just enquire with your booking.