DURATION:                  1 HOUR


GROUP SIZE:               30 MAX



 My Nocturnal Animals talk is the very best way to fire up this important topic! A learning experience that will lead to a great understanding of these diverse creatures and also be a solid foundation for really creative work from your pupils.




The Real difference between my talks and learning soley from words and pictures is the experience.

Pupils will see these creatures up close for real! However I believe the secret to capturing their concentration and imagination is that we will get to touch and stroke some of the weirdest animals nature has created!


We will meet all manner of nocturnal animals, species of snakes, lizards, insects, arachnids, All sorts of arthropods, a hedgehog  and even Owls !(See OWL TALK for more on owls as part of your topic)


We will discuss the varied senses these animals use in their darkened world and how they may differ from their diurnal counterparts. We will look at other adaptations they may use to survive in their habitat and how they fit in to the ecosystems as a whole.


This is a very enjoyable talk for myself as well as the pupils!


This talk works great alone or combined with my Owls talk as part of workshop sessions


As always I can tailor this talk to your specific needs, Please enquire with your requirements.


Hi Dave,


Thank you so much for yesterday's visit to Year 2, I have had lots of positive responses from both children and members of staff as to how much they enjoyed the experience of getting up close to the different animals that you brought in to school. Thank you for your kind comments about the children's behaviour, I have passed this on to the Heads and the children! I think it was because you maintained their interest throughout the session and by aiming the discussion at the appropriate level of the children involved, they all stayed focused and fully engaged with the activities. It would definitely be something that we would be keen to repeat next year!


Thanks again