GROUP SIZE:     30 to 60 is ideal



A snippet from the ofsted report:

Teachers use relevant life experiences to inspire pupils and make learning interesting. For example, in Year 1, a visit from Dave the owl man and his owls meant that pupils enthusiastically organised their knowledge about owls into different categories, such as diet and appearance, in preparation for writing a book about owls.


This is one of my most popular talk, Owls fit in with so many topics- 'Owls', 'Nocturnal', 'Owl babies' etc.


This talk aims to cover the important facts in an educational and fun way. Each session varies in structure depending on age group and questions from your pupils.


 We cover such things as 'owlets', owl nests. camourflage, silent flight and feathers, prey, eyesight and hearing, habitat, hunting and more.




The owl talk includes not just owls, but also other birds of prey to show the children how owls evolved differently from their diurnal conterparts. Also owl pellets, feathers, and even a tame rat will make an appearance!


I will usually bring in to your school hall 2 species of owl: Barn, and White Faced. Also a  hawk. But not just a 'show and tell' as we will see and hear some of the birds flying above the pupils in the hall!


We will get to hold and feel owl and eagle feathers and make comparisons.


And to talk about owl prey, and their adaptations, we will often meet a tame rat!! To the utter delight of the children (yes-really!) and the utter horror of most teachers (sorry!)


A talk that will bring your topic alive and fuel the imagination and creativity of your pupils.


I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your visit to the Year 1’s at Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School with your truly gorgeous birds and for being such a HUGE inspiration during our topic.


The children and I were really looking forward to learning more about Owls and we were not disappointed. We all learnt so much more from you than we ever would have from a book thanks to your personalised approach and due to you taking the time to answer our questions during and after the visit. The Year 1 team have never seen the children so engaged not only throughout your talk but also during our follow up lessons and the quality of work that they have produced as a direct result of your visit has been amazing. It was great to see the vast amount of information that they all retained, and it was lovely seeing our quietest children participate in discussions about Owls with such enthusiasm and confidence.


I have no doubt that your visit to us will be an experience that the children and adults will remember for a very long time, I know that I certainly will, but then again I have never seen such a well-trained Falconer before!


We shall definitely be recommending Raptor Xotics to everyone we know and we look forward to seeing you again for another visit next Year!


Zainab Tayabji