With a superbly varied collection of Birds of Prey, including some of Britains most stunning species we can offer an amazing opportunity for wildlife photographers of all levels of skill.


However RaptorXotics also offers an amazing collection of exotic animals, again including some exceptional UK species!


But of course it isn't just the animal subject matter that makes a great photography experience. You also need species knowledge of the animals before the lens and someone that can present the animals in the perfect way for the perfect image ( someone with patience for sure) and that's where we come in!


From Merlin to Golden Eagle, White faced Owl to Barn Owl or Jungle Nymph to Vietnamese Beauty Snake, Natterjack Toad (captive bred with documentation!), Slow worm, Grass Snake to Harvest Mice  we can offer some amazing experiences either outside in naturalstic settings or bring your own equipment for indoor set-ups


Tailored to your requirements please drop us an email via the contacts page for ideas and prices